Design is all about passion, to design products and graphics to be distinctive and emotional and which embodies the personality and ambition of the brand. Design that visualize quality and tells you a story." Jesper Ståhl, Designer " News 2014-02 | Pressreleases
New Release 2014
Vinci for Lystra
New Release 2014, New Collaboration
Monolit for Byarums Bruk
New Design Award 2014
New Release 2014, New Collaboration, Air for Materia New Release 2014, Free for Vedum
Tilt -New Release 2014, New Collaboration
New Release 2014, New Collaboration Ritz - New Release 2014
New Design Award 2014 Launched 2013 - The story continues...
Design is not so much about adding form, as it is identifying the essence of an idea, and to stay focused on that need and story throughout the creative design process" /Jesper Ståhl "
Pure Design, Purely for Elitfönster
No. 5 - Everything is about the number five See the launch video of Art for Vedum
the thoughts behind the design
Share Jespers thoughts on design
Virtu 2001, VirtuGold 2009, Virtublack 2012
All of them getting Design Awards
Bodoni Wooden Chair
Better than ever
The Ovus plastic tools for Svecio Celebrates 14 years. Still unmatched
Proud producer of local food
Now equally proud over its strong identity Jesper Ståhl & Anders Färdig talks about the successful Stockholm Cutlery